highway1_SM highway+biilboard_SM Snelweg-Charlois-2_SM 09a_SM Snelweg-Charlois_SM2007-present
‘Highway for Charlois’ with Thijs Ewalts

Billboard: 5 x 4 x2 mts. Digital Print on Wooden Skeleton
Model: 5 x 2 x 0.4 mts, Birch Aircraft Plywood

Is an on-going project about making a bridge structure connecting the south and the north of Rotterdam. So far a bill-board, a model and drawings have been produced. It started initially with a fascination for unfinished infrastructures. We found out there was an ‘unused’ budget of EU 500.000,- still reserved for infrastructure in Rotterdam. We calculated that, with this money, we could construct a four-lane highway, 36 mts. in length.