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Mixed Materials
40 x 30 cm.
Seven Atlantic; apartment of John Colenbrander




























Excerpt by Angela Johnston:

“Jasper Niens, a Rotterdam based-artist, takes up this relation by physically altering the gallery space itself. By carving a hole though the floor of the space (and erecting a barricade of chicane fencing and other signifiers of imminent danger,) his work, inscribed into the space, alters our perception of the space/building and its’ surrounding environment. Niens work is a scaled down model of security systems at work: of systems of regulation and protection and the ways in which hazardous spaces are “secured.” Focusing on the urge to protect against what he calls ‘non-specified risks’ (wherein ‘liability’ as a risk in itself is transferred to the individual) Niens points to a lack of awareness of instability, insecurity and vulnerability in our everyday environment, inviting a rethinking of how public works and infrastructure govern how we relate to, engage with and inhabit the space around us.”