2-MNF.20140904.3486_SM 1-MNF.20140904.3482_SM 2a-MNF.20140904.3506_SM 3-MNF.20140904.3515_SM Exhibition Nieuwe Vide 8-MNF.20140904.3497_SM 6-MNF.20140904.3478_SM 2014


21 x 6 x 4 mts.
Oukume plywood /  Aluminum honeycomb core

Photography by Maarten Noordijk

A semi-permanent installation
at Nieuwe Vide, a scripted construction consisting of
inter-locking parts that connect to each other by using the relative flexibility of the material.
No screws or nails were used.

Scripting: 3 weeks
Building up: 3 days :-)

Big thanks to:
Nathalie Hartjes, Lucien Ravensberg & Roland Vos from Nieuwe Vide. Johan van Tilburg from VanStyn Marinepanels and to Rick Eikmans, Francine van Blokland, Mathijs van de Linde, John Moon, Boris de Boers & Roland VosMNF.20140904.3509_C_SM