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Opening Studio Pompi, located in Charlois Rotterdam
with Kamiel Verschuren (until 2010) & Andre ten Broeke (until 2009)

From 2008 until 2014: Bojan Orlic, Thijs Ewalts & Annemarie Piscaer, Rick Eikmans, Daan Jansen & Jonathan ten Breeijen among others.

From 2013 Jasper Niens manages the building. Studio Pompi is as of 2014 a studio building with now 6 independent studios. Jasper Niens has his studio and workshop still in the building, the other studios are rented to various artists and designers. Studio Pompi’s Facebook

Building, rebuilding, re-configuring and managing from 2004 with the help, support and input of so many in no particular order (including the above):

John Colenbrander
Mladen Suknovic
Yvo Greweldinger
Martha Atienza
Sigrun Gudmundsdottir
Shotaro Hiratsuka
Ryotaro Koyabashi
Jaap Verheul
Ana A. Fernandez
Dursun Koca
Tom Gallant
Giuseppe Licari
Tobi Burghouts
Jannie Hommes
& so many others of the Charlois Crew